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YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — A video shows employees at a rental car agency all they need to know about how.

of bison stampeding through the park as it rams the rental and cracks the windshield. No.

I was the bearer of bad news in my last column when I passed along this advice from insurance experts: When renting a car while on vacation, purchase the rental company’s.

flat tires, windshield.

CASPER — A bison rammed a family’s rental car and cracked its windshield last week in Yellowstone National Park, a new viral video shows. The Delle Chiaie family, who took the video, were caught in a.

According to the New York Times article, “Replacing a cracked or chipped windshield.

C-Bond NanoShield is marketed to new car dealers, automotive aftermarket suppliers, fleets including rental cars.

I would never rent from them again. I reserved a car in Seattle. Chris, the "customer service agent" was the rudest jerk I have ever dealt with in my life as a consumer! The car they gave me had a.

DAMAGED! RENTAL CAR CRACKED WINDSHIELD WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT TO DONext Question: How smashed is too smashed in a windshield? – I see cars going down the road with the whole windshield cracked. I don’t know how they can see to drive.

Just FYI, if you’re looking to find a rental car while yours in the shop for hail damage,

"They told me that there was a "crack" in the window.

The owner of a major windshield repair company told us it costs rental car fleets far less to replace a windshield than what Budget bills for.

Ups Stole My Package Jul 10, 2008  · Call UPS and confirm that the package was delivered. If it was ask them what (if anything) they can do for you. Call the police. Your package is probably long gone, however, if a person is making a habit of doing this throughout the neighborhood, the more reports the more likely the

Look for small dents and cracks in the windshield that would be easy to miss at first glance. "Ain’t she a beauty?" "Is this a beauty mark?" "That’s a dent." "Wise observation." Fill up on gas and.

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