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How to Clean Your Home After a Flood – If your house has flooded, once your local police or fire department says you can return, you’re in a race against mold.

Check out these photos from across KAKEland snapped by our viewers, staff and local officials. Do you have pictures to share with us? Email them to [email protected] An American family returning to the U.

Especially pay attention for downed power lines, debris, or flooding. And document any damage you come across. If possible,

Mr Carbutt said one of the most touching pictures during the Fishlake floods was of two Rotherham firefighters passing a.

Emergency steps to follow when a building is flooding depends on the degree of the flood. The water damage specialists from ServPro Los Osos have recently announced emergency steps to follow the.

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The aftermath can be just as bad as during the flooding so be careful during this time is still a must. If you evacuated, only return home if the authorities only allowed it. Once you get home, do not.

WINNIPEG — A Manitoba First Nation plans to argue in court that the federal government is cutting off evacuee benefits.

“If we flood again, they should not let us re-do our houses,” he said, knowing that would apply to his own house, too. No more repairs and renovations: just tear the damn things down. As for the.

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