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Tinder users beware: the Better Business Bureau has issued warnings about a malware scam targeting you. Any dating-site user is at risk of “romance scams” or “marriage scams,” also known.

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Nutley Police: Tinder User Scammed After Getting ‘Hacked’ – NUTLEY, NJ — A Tinder user became the victim of a scam after having trouble signing.

into their Tinder account, they called a phone number that they found on a website that was allegedly.

At the start of summer, she met an older man on Tinder who claimed to live Baltimore.

chatting on the phone, even video chatting. He was the same man she saw in the photos on the dating.

Tinder Bots Have Evolved to Mimic the Girl Next Door – Now, Tinder spam bots.

scammers will take the same scams to the phone channel." While Pindrop’s post cites a user report of an obvious bot sending its phone number in the first message, many.

Online dating site Bumble, owned by MagicLabs, is valued at $3 billion and Match Group, which owns sites like Tinder.

and likeness have been used in a number of dating sites and social media.

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But, some are taking advantage of the apps by trying to scam people.

my confirmation number to see if my page was legit. And I never got a confirmation number before with Tinder,” Inks.

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