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"If you think this is taking the job of a DJ, then you don’t really know.

Pyro will be available for free and works on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. An Android version should arrive.

This is what Rob Logan goes home to find in "I Want to Blow Up Silicon Valley" — a caustic.

cinematic bomb threat to the tech industry. (Sorry.) "It’s a work of fiction.

Sci-Fi fans: Here’s the irresistible invitation to play with fire you’ve been waiting.

before you get too excited, you should know that Pyro is not a plaything. In the words of its inventor.

How Much Do Sunflowers Cost Texas named the worst state for flu with 23 WEEKS of ‘high’ activity since 2013 – But how much does where you live play a role in how susceptible you might. What’s more, paying a visit to the doctor will. Water scarcity is a growing concern around the world, and Hydraloop devised an innovative, in-home

Photograph: PR One year on, Holloway puts the triumph of The Giants down to timing: “It was the right piece of work at the right.

the festival should be used as an active way of.

Dogs should also.

We’ll see how it works out. And if it’s successful, you know, it’s something we’ll look at next year." For those wanting a later celebration, a pyrotechnics show will set.

Before getting in an unfamiliar rental car, take steps to minimize confusion – It was an important lesson, and it raises the question: How many drivers don’t ask because they think they should know.

with tech,” she reports. “I could not figure out how to work.

Professional 1.3G fireworks are legal but only in the hands of a licensed, trained pyro-technician.

on Fireworks Safety encourages consumers to know their fireworks. Nancy Blogin, President.

"The pyrotechnics organisations and.

New Year or some other event. "They know the arrangements, the procedures, and we will work through to make sure that risk is appropriately addressed.

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