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Are you ready for a terrifying road trip? Paranormal explorer and documentary filmmaker Dakota Laden is headed to some of the most haunted locations in America in an all-new 10-episode Travel Channel.

Some of the bravest to fight for America laced up and hit the road as Wounded Warriors.

“So, riding a bike seemed like the.

Spring is here, and with the first buds on the trees a ghost hunters’ fancy turns to the open road. What better time to set off across America to visit the creepiest places the country has to offer?

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The most haunted roads in the US and the chilling stories behind them – Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories. Fall is the perfect time to take a road trip, enjoy the bright seasonal foliage, and if you’re gutsy, hunt for ghosts on one of America’s most haunted roads.

Are these the 31 most haunted places in America? – Thanks to Google Maps, you can start planning the ultimate Halloween road trip to America’s 31 most haunted places, each with its own spooky history of ghosts, spirits and the inexplicable. A Google.

At the time he’s asking though, I’m two days into driving one of the most haunted road trips in North America and I am what I would describe as “genuinely a bit spooked.” Two days earlier, I set off.

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That’s a turn signal. Use it. But bad drivers pale in comparison to ghosts, possessed animals, and faceless hitchhikers — and that’s exactly what you might run into if you drive down one of the most.

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